Digital Marketing Services: Cost Effectiive Affordable Pricing

  • customized email footers
  • image and file upload web forms - collect documents & photos in your database
  • drip marketing campaigns - send a series of messages after signup
  • subaccounts - give employees restricted access to a selected account features
  • customized accounts - your look and feel for your subaccount
  • custom event or team registration requirements
  • auto increment fields, great for confirmation numbers
  • PayPal integration - collect detailed information and then collect payment with PayPal
  • credit card processing integration
  • user login - authenticate your users from your database and populate web forms with their information
  • custom reports - generate a web report using information from your database
  • personalized support for setup and integration
  • private label solutions

Many of these features are available at no additional charge to VIP customers. Please contact us to request custom feature activation. Other custom features require setup and customization. Once we understand your requirements we can provide you with a price quote for the one time setup fee. Please let us know if you have other specialized requirements as it is likely that we have already implemented them!