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Digital Marketing Services: Web Forms – Web Form using a Personalized Email Auto Responder

Your Favorite Chicken - An Example Web Form
  with Personalized Email Auto Responder

Introducing the chickens and their custom web form that will allow you to vote for your favorite one:

Custom web forms

Vote for your favorite chicken

After the web form is submitted the person completing the form will receive the email message you have specified during the form setup. This email can be personalized with any information that was collected by the web form. Be sure to create the message in the Messages area before you begin the process of creating the web form so you can select it when you set up your web form.

Note: For information on creating a personalized email message, please see the tutorial Create Personal Email Messages.

Email auto responder

Below, is an example of a personalized email message sent by the web form. This email message can be as fancy or as plain as you would like.

personalized email auto responder

As the administrator of your Relevant Tools account you can specify who should get the administrator notification each time that someone completes the web form.

custom web form administrator notification

So which chicken is your favorite? Vote for your favorite chicken.